Akin Fatunmbi

akin in blue

Akin Fatunmbi is a master arranger, highly experienced session musician of over 25 years, specialising in live session work.

He has been an integral part of the success of many cutting edge world music fusion bands including the international live performance success of Paddy Rasta the Irish Reggae fusion outfit.His skills in arranging have infused new vibrancy into the contemporary Senegalese music of Samba Sene and Diwan. His unique blend of Afro, Jazz, Blues and cross-modal playing can be found on many of the Good Voodoo Music record releases.

Akin’s exemplary guitar work can be found on many of the Tru Roots Project’s biggest tracks including Electric Juju theme, Work your magic, Get Ready for Ryta, From the Earth to the Sky and Big City.