Who we are:

We are a creative company specialising in music and audio production.

What we do:

We run a record label that releases Afro House, Deep House, Electro and Nu-Jazz.

We create Music specifically for commercial Media projects, such as Films, TV, Radio, Theatre, Dance and Advertising.

How we do it:

We fuse cultural heritage with contemporary creative practices to create interesting work. From this simple concept has led us to produce bespoke music for media with a distinctly international flavour – from full on live afrobeat compositions to futuristic electronica. We have a brand new record label and other media projects that are linked to music.

Why choose us:

We have experienced many things….

UN Peacekeepers, Harmattan, Negro spirituals in LA gospel churches, Caribbean gambling dens selling overproof rum, indigenous tribes who had never seen a black face, Pure white sands hiding land mines, Ice caves which lost their battle with global warming, Guitar jams and cahon box rhythms in the backstreet bars of Argentina, Witches selling blessings in the open markets of La Paz, 125th Street Harlem, Afro Cuban religions, J’ouvert Carnival.

We know what the world’s far flung parts look, smell, taste and feel like.

We know the people and their stories because we have been there.

All the atmospheres and places infuse and fuel the music and soundtracks Good Voodoo creates and the creative and cultural vision the team brings to projects.